Slea Head and the Dingle peninsula

Today is a day of rest. Fin at the Rainbow Hostel has a car, and is going to drive around the Dingle peninsula. I invite myself along. This is the furthermost western part of Ireland, and therefore of Europe.


This is Fin. She is an art teacher in London here on holiday.


The Irish in the early Christian era created small homesteads and built rock houses and “beehive” huts on their small farms. These beehive huts date from before 1200 and served as food storage buildings. They are very cleverly built. Each successive layer of stone went in a little bit until a single stone could cap the top. The layers of stone sloped outwards directing water outdoors. I like the bush toppings.


The dramatic coastline at Slea Head.


An early homestead pre 1200- but still used.


The Dingle peninsula.


There are several small harbors. This boat is typical of the small boats I see. It is covered with fabric and tarred. You can see several of the patches.


Here is the underside showing the craftsmanship.


Big thanks to Fin for sharing the day with me and best wishes for her further adventures in south Ireland!

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