Doolin to Galway

83.5 kilometers.

I ride to the ferry launch this AM to see if the ferry is going to run.

Hmmm, looks pretty deserted.


A long timer out to walk his dog tells me they have officially shut down for the season. We talk for a while and he tells me I am a very strong man to ride in weather like this. He says he is going to Galway later today and will honk when he passes me.

I set off and ride into the landscape called “The Burren” The Burren is an very old Karst formation. It was written about it that there wasn’t enough land to bury your dead, and that neighbors stole dirt from each other.


Yet cattle thrived eating the mineral rich grass growing in the rock clefts.


I was so excited to be riding through this landscape. Jerry at the hostel who is a hiker reminded me to just switch the rain off in my mind.


This land has been inhabited for a long time. It is crossed with rock walls and remains of cottages.


This is the first peat I’ve seen, cut and rolled to dry for burning. Looks like little soil rolls.


What kind of creatures are these? Llamas? Alpaca’s? They have such long graceful necks.


To the point.


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