The Connemara

The Connemara. Cycling this landscape in the blustery cold rainy weather is a great experience. Yet, when I arrived in town, soaking wet and quite cold, I found that both hostels in town were closed. So was the hostel in my backup town 20K down the road. I ended up staying in a lovely and expensive hotel, and I couldn’t even cook. So I made soup in the coffee pot.

I am feeling it is time to move on. I will take a bus to Dublin (yeah I know, after my little rant about busses) and from there a ferry to Holyhead England. Then I will cycle 90 miles north to Liverpool England and take a ferry back to the Isle of Man. The ferries that used to run directly from Dublin to Isle of Man are out of season.

I have cycled 583 mies, 938KM, in Ireland and now have a good feeling for the land and the people.

For every shower there’s a rainbow.


This is Connemara.


The Connemara.


The Connemara.


The Connemara.


The mystery of peat logs gets a little bit clearer. I was told by Bryan that they burn quite well, like coal. They are not loose like soil but quite solid, requiring some effort to break them apart. I saw lots of areas that had been dug for peat in the Connemara.


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