To Manchester

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The address of the Hostel is plugged into my GPS. I arrive at 2:00PM and the address is smack in the middle of a bunch of row houses. I knock on the front door. Maybe someone else has had this problem before. Two white poodles start barking. The house alarm goes off. Neighbors open their doors to see the strange sight. I decide to leave.

A few safe miles away I reset the GPS. Two locations with the same name? Yes, That’s the problem. I head towards the 2nd address, 14 KM away. I climb a long steep hill into the wind, and arrive in another residential neighborhood. Damn.

I am quite tired, and haven’t stopped to eat all day. It is cold, and I have been battling headwinds.
I meet a cyclist walking his bike up the hill. He tells me I need to go into the city center, about 8 KM away. He gives me rough directions and I head off. It is dusk and I am not sharp.

I stop and ask at an Indian food takeout and get more directions. I dig deep and find power and sail into Manchester. I am tired, it is pitch black, the city is a roar of traffic and pedestrians. I decide to dive into the first hotel I come across. It is a Travelodge. I am quoted 74L, about $110. I might have a little energy….

A couple of queries and I meet a guy who knows where a hostel is. He sends me in the right direction. A stop in a open late bike shop steers me right again. Hey, It’s the hostel I was trying to find! They have a bed. L17. I check my mileage, 106KM.

I get the bike squared, and go out to shop for groceries. The first take out I come across is too tempting to pass up, so I have a vegi kabob. Finished in 5 minutes, I continue to the grocery store and come away with a frozen pizza, milk, and breakfast stuff.

The pizza satisfies. Ahhhhh.

Things always work out.

2 thoughts on “To Manchester

  1. Hey Eric,

    I am hoping I can inspire people to follow their own dreams. “I’ve always wanted to do something like that” is what I enjoy hearing.

    If I need money I’ll keep that in mind. Thank goodness riding a bike is cheap.



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