Birmingham to Stratford-Upon-Avon

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Salesman: Let me show you the latest Rolls Royce.

Shawn: I have a bicycle.

Salesman; Does your bike have leather seats?

Shawn: Why yes, it does.

Salesman: Does your bike have a Rolls Royce Motor?

Shawn: I like to think so. Say, what mileage does a new Rolls get?

Salesman: If you have to ask, it’s not for you.

Shawn; Hmmm, same with a bike.

Salesman: I don’t think you are Rolls Royce material.

Shawn: How much for the winged thingy on the hood?


That’s more my size! Do they come with panniers?


I got all excited when I first saw Warwick Castle and took this picture.


I then asked a passing mom: “Say, is that Warwick Castle?

“No, that’s not Warwick castle. That’s a church. It’s down the street.”

So I saw it and took this pic.



Then I saw it and took this pic.



This however, is Warwick Castle. It was built by William the Conqueror in 1068. I wonder how he would feel if he knew his impregnable fortress was now an amusement park.


1650 miles between flats. Pretty darn good.


Now this is is English Countryside! On the way to Stratford_upon_Avon, where Shakespeare was born.


One thought on “Birmingham to Stratford-Upon-Avon

  1. I’ll put together a little video about my biking Rolls. But not till I have more daylight hours. It’s just to dark to ride safely after 4:00PM.

    I’m outdoors typing this in the English mist at a wifi hotspot at my campground. My breath comes out in puffs.

    Hearing how people talk is delightful, I’ll try to figure out a way to easily capture some of that.

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