To Cirencester

The B&B that I stayed in last night served a bountiful breakfast. I ate till 9:00. Today was as cold as it’s been, the road was busy. Finally I got tired of it and took a chance on a quiet country road, one of the white ones. I was rewarded instantly by peace and quiet. I propped my elbow in the pad of the drop bars, and rode with my head resting on my palm through quiet farms and old villages.


This village of Chedworth had cottages and this pub from the 1600’s. It was quite peaceful, as if time had settled it.


Chedworth cottage


Apartments or row houses go way back.


I felt I saw Old England.

It is so dark today I only ride till 3:00pm. It just feels too unsafe, my lights are on all day. I only ride 43 miles, the constant up and downs- I walked three hills, the weight of the bike, the short days, all contribute to my inching pace. I am hungry for some dry warm weather and sunshine, but fret over how long it will take me to get south.

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