To Salsbury via Stonehenge

I left Bath with great memories this morning the 12th of November. The plan is to take backroads and cycle about 50 miles to Salsbury, which puts me in position to cycle into Portsmouth tomorrow and catch an overnight ferry to France.

I notice I am passing a few miles from Stonehenge. Ahhaaa, so that’s where all these tourist busses are going. I decide to swing by.

The road runs right past Stonehenge, you can simply drive by and take a look if you please. I lock my bike in the large parking lot. You have to pay 30lbs? (overheard, not verified) to go inside the fence that surrounds the stones.

I don’t like the tourist vibe, can’t get past it. I skip paying admission and poke my camera through the chain link. So glad that Richard and Diane suggested Avebury.


Stonehenge and tourism.


I chuckle at this unlikely mash up of different cultures, a stone age monolith visited by busloads of tourists seeking something special. The tourists speed recklessly past me as I cycle on to Salsburg. Did they get what they came for? Or are they still hungry, hungry for something they can’t name?


The YMCA hostel allows me to camp in their yard. Yippeee, my own room and only 7.5 lbs, not 17.5. It’s the best of both worlds, the facilities of the hostel and the pleasures of sleeping peacefully in my tent. A walk into Salsbury for groceries surprised me with this McDonalds.


It looks like a club! Where’s the plastic clown? I saw a Pizza Hut in Stratford Upon Avon that was equally stylish. I rather like the European versions!

In the morning I went to the town walk and got some pics of the stream that flows through.


And then went to the amazing Salsibury Cathedral. I was in time for a sermon, and to hear the pipe organ play. The base notes were so resonant they were almost like ships horns.
Can you find my bike, Griboulle?


Gorgeous inner courtyard.



I’m editing this from the Portsmouth ferry to France terminal. I’ll be in St Malo France tomorrow, Monday the 14th. I’m nervous to be in a country with a foreign language. I’ll have to learn a lot quickly. I might just camp close to town and walk and shop and get my cultural bearings for a day…

I’ve cycled 1038 miles in Europe this last month. Anyone interested in trip costs, daily averages, etc?

7 thoughts on “To Salsbury via Stonehenge

  1. Hi Shawn, afraid we don’t know France well enough to suggest anywhere, though if you like ancient stones/dolmen/tombs there are plenty around Carnac. Just go where the fancy takes you, and great things that aren’t in any tourist book will appear. Take your time and don’t worry about spending money – it’ll all balance out – there’ll be plenty of times ahead when you’ll be desperate to find a nice room or a nice meal to spend it on! And don’t worry about not speaking the language. After all, you managed OK in England!

  2. Shawn, I followed your Maine to Key West ride with great interest and am glad to see you are at it again. Good for you and best of luck on your journey. I know I, personally, would be very interested in you posting averages. Also, I would like to know more about the gear you are carrying as well as more pics of your bike. Safe travels and thank you for sharing your adventure.

    • Wow, I have a secret follower. Did we meet on the Maine to Key West trip?

      Ok, I’ll post some averages and costs and such. Pics of bike? Maybe I’ll do a video honoring Griboulee, my faithful mule. That way I could cover a lot of stuff more quickly. I’ve come up with a few cool things, and some gear that I really love.



      • No, sorry. We’ve never met. I went to high school with a friend of yours, Eric T. We’re re-acquainted on Facebook and I originally saw a link to your Track my Tour site through him last year. I followed all of it and he shared the link to this trip. I love riding my bike but have never toured. I hope to someday and commend you for this effort. Always looking forward to your next post. Be safe-Sean.

  3. Ha ha! Thanks for sharing a bit of the longer term picture concerning finances. The important thing that I am settling into is “taking my time.” I love that figure of speech. It suggests a settling in, a relaxing, a not running on nervous energy. I’ll meditate on it today. I’ve been feeling it creeping around the corners of my ride, but I have not yet embraced it.



  4. looks warmer. and drier. I am glad.
    your subscription feature seems to be down: I am not getting you in my inbox anymore.
    I have a great place for you in SEish France, near the border of Spain. You do want to go there. for me, if not for you too.

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