11/20/2011 Sunday in L Aiquillon Sur Mer

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Nervous. Things are getting close. Dusk is here at 4:15 and no place to camp. Can’t get out of the suburbs. This is supposed to be the remainder of a resin harvester pine forest. Where are the pines? Sure, I’ve been delayed. Twice I’ve gone out of my way to find an open grocery store. Nope, they are definitely all closed on Sundays. I’m talking the big ones too. I really need food for dinner and breakfast. I rode all over La Tranche Sur Mer seeking any food. All I found open was a tobacco store! But the two guys sitting in front told me that the bakery would open for an hour at 3:00. So I waited a half hour. It did, and I am eating a nice assortment of rolls for dinner and breakfast. Lesson: Sundays are different. Everything closes.

Now I spot a place in the middle of an inlet where there are a few camper vans. Hmmm, a possibility. I pull in and decide if they can do it, so can I. I am about to boldly camp out in the open lawn next to a picnic table but a gust of wind picks up the tent and blows it 50 feet into a shrubbery. A more private, weedy place. I agree, discretion is better. No time to get over confident. I camp next to the shrubbery and lock Griboulle to a chin-up bar. No one says anything.

Guess it’s going to work out, again. Things always work out, but rarely like I think they are going to.

Clonne-Sur-Mer. Look at the size of this beautiful place.




Along the way. The ocean path is crowded with runners and walkers and cyclists.


Can you spot the stealth camper? (Hint- the spot of orange to the left is the tent)


View from my tent.


It’s the evening of 11/21/2011. I am in La Rochelle, in a hostel, and I can post to the blog. Today was an uneventfulll ride into the wind. I’m going to spend tomorrow here and walk around the old town. I’ve been thinking about my viewpoint that things always work out. Maybe it’s because my standards are so low? MAybe it’s because my needs are so simple? Should I raise my standards and complicate my needs and see if things still “always work out?” Should I play chicken with the cosmos?

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