Stealth camping at last.

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I left the hostel this morning determined to stealth camp. I think I have had fear resistance. But I am writing this from my first stealth campsite. I am going to try a cycling pattern Jim Tucker and John Pearlman and I developed when we cycled down the west coast of the USA from Canada to Mexico. We would camp a short distance before the next town so that we could ride into town the next morning and have a colossal breakfast. The cycling pattern of riding into cities at night to stay in hostels was stressing me a little too much. This should be a lot more spontaneous.

So I’ll give that a go. If I can solve the internet access problem at a cafe in the morning, great.
There seem to be plenty of places to stealth camp in back roads France. There is not a lot of surface water, so I need to remember to carry extra.

Feels good to be camping, really camping, again.

Griboulee admiring the crops.


Lots of flower fields.


Hey Drew, look where you might be staying someday.


This one took a few minutes of head scratching.


11/16/2011 I am in my tent. It is early morning. A steady solid rain is falling. I am out of food and water. I was planing on the short ride into Redon this AM to restock. I have a lunch invitation for 11:00, but the hosts gave me no address. They would be off to work now, 9:00 AM. I think I have little choice but to pack and head for Redon. I need food, and water. If I had those, I might have decided to stay put and let the rain pass. The thought of getting supplied, then riding out of town seeking another place to camp in the rain does not excite me. But if I can get my cell phone working, I might be able to call my hosts.

2:00 PM. Another lovely example of how things always work out. I break camp and ride into town. I have a mental list of my priorities- Bathroom, Water, Food, Shelter for tonight, Internet to contact hosts. I ride past a McDonalds- then think- wait- 3 or 4 out of 5. So I turn around. While there I check my Kindle for messages. Christiane and Patrick have sent me their address. So I head there for lunch and am warmly welcomed, and invited to stay the night. From being cold and hungry and concerned to cozy and a pampered well fed houseguest in a few hours. Amazing. Again!

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