Talence, Near Bordeaux.

I last wrote Friday morning, 11/25/2011. When I rode out that morning and into town I saw that the temperature was 3 celsius. That’s 37 fahrenheit. It was cold, and only by riding hard could I stay warm. If I stopped to eat, I had to make it quick. By the time I got to my host’s home, I was aware of a tickle in my throat.

On Saturday, 11/26/2011 when I woke up I was unwell. I was nauseous and headachy. So I rested, and by noon was feeling better.

Lydie’s daughter Charlotte and her boyfriend Prince came over. We devised a great way of communication using Google translator. If we didn’t know a word or wanted to try to cover a complicated topic we would type it in. We could talk at the speed of typing. I would type something in and pass the computer over.

Saturday night Lydie drove us into Bordeux to see the town at night. Bordeux is the fourth largest city in France.

Child eyeing Noel chocolates.


I love the old with the new. Check out this silent electric tram gliding through 17th century buildings.


Cafe scene. These guys are used to the cold. But when we got back home, I wasn’t feeling well again.


Sunday, 11/27/2011

From left. Charlotte, Lydie’s daughter; Lydie, my host; Prince, Lydie’s boyfriend; and me. We are about to enjoy another delicious meal together. My deep thanks to Lydie for her generous and tireless hospitality. Thank you Charlotte for your conversations and efforts to help me find the McDonalds;) Prince is truly a Prince of a man. For a weekend I feel like one of the family though I don’t do so well with the rabbit and duck and oysters. That’s OK, Lydie has mac and cheese for the American.


Charlotte helping me with Portugal and McDonalds and my cell phone.


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