11/30/2011 What a camping spot!!

I feel peaceful after a night in the pine forest


I have lunch with this tree. I realize that the patterns of the branches are actually writing, a language. The subject matter is generalized in the trunk, expanded on in the branches, and is detailed in the leaves. The life work of the tree is to communicate this thought.


This boat is suspended in Hossegor.


I use the GPS to find a McDonalds so that I can upload a post to the journal. I manage to reach Leslie on Google voice. but it is getting late, I am in the middle of Bayonne, and have kilometers to ride before I camp. So I set out. But the terrain becomes much more hilly. The GPS leads me in silly directions. It is 4:00, time for me to be camped, and I am still in a very dense area.

I spot a car camping area and check it out. I could camp here, but there is no grass and no bushes-if you get my drift. So I move on, but it is a gamble. A couple miles down the road I turn down a path that leads to the beach. What do you think? Does this look good?


I decide that despite the people and the openness, being on the ocean bluff with the crashing waves below makes it a thumbs up.


And you can see that I am a happy camper. Geesh, it’s a million dollar view and I get it for a little audacity. And there are no taxes to pay and lawn to cut. Here I go again: “Things always work out.”


2 thoughts on “11/30/2011 What a camping spot!!

  1. Hi Cynthia,
    I am going on a pilgrimage. You would approve! More later. YEs, McDonalds is about uploading the blog, checking email, etc.


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