12/05/2011, Logorno

There is much camaraderie around the dinner table. Petra, my kind and beautiful new friend from Hungary- who speaks four languages- helps me keep up with the topics discussed, and helps me get my 2cents in. Everyone here knows I am cycling around the world, and it is unusual to see an American on this pilgrimage, so when I talk, people look at me and listen, then turn to Petra for the skinny. I am very accepted, warmly invited in.

We cover these familiar themes:

A. For a traveler, it’s the journey. For a tourist, it’s the destination.

B. A full heart is better than a full wallet.

C. The most important thing is to be present every moment.

D. People think you are suffering because you are walking/riding. You view it as medicine.

E. The less you have, the more you appreciate. The more you have, the less you appreciate.

These brass shells mark the way through towns. The clam shell symbolizes the coming together of all paths in Santiago de Compostella.


Now we know what this means.


Street sign for pilgrims on foot.


Street sign for pilgrims on bikes.


This cathedral was locked. Not to worry, the tobacco store has a stamp.


It’s a sign!

Another sign- A hawk flies with me for almost a quarter of a mile off my left shoulder. He then lands on a sign that simply reads “10”. I take this to mean that I’m doing good.


Cycling into a small village. Oh boy, a cathedral!


Overlooking the village from the cathedral.


The Grapes of Path.


Here’s an eight year old pilgrim. He is walking with his grandfather.


The End.


4 thoughts on “12/05/2011, Logorno

  1. Hi Sage!

    Sometimes the detours are the journey.
    What a nice surprise this has been.
    This is not necessarily a religious thing. I have not heard one person speak of God or Catholicism.

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