12/12/2011 into Ponferrada

This AM a Canadian pilgrim and I explore the inside of the cathedral in Astorga together. When I look at the altar piece, considered to be a masterpiece of woodworking, tears come forth again. After a few minutes the feeling passes. It feels good to be overwhelmed by beauty.




The pipe organ spreads it’s wings above the choir.

I climb 2000 feet and am almost a mile high. The temperature is in the 30’s. If I stop riding, I start shivering in minutes. Must keep the muscles working to stay warm.


THe iron cross at the top of the summit. The origin and meaning of the iron cross has bee lost in the fog of time. A 20 foot high pile of rocks is built up around the base, tossed there by pilgrims like me over the decades.


The view on the descent.


Lots of villages on the way, each with it’s own charms.


I end the day in Ponferrada, which translates literally to iron bridge. The city is named after a bridge that was built for pilgrims in the year 1200. I can’t find it. I think it is rusted away. I’ll look again tomorrow on my way out of town.

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