12/20&21/2011 to Padron then Redondela

There are a handful of pilgrims trails that lead to Santiago. One of them comes up from Portugal. I decide to follow this trail south into Portugal. I can pass through old towns and hopefully stay in Albergees.

I am ready for rain as I leave the Albergee in Cee. I climb over the costal mountains and descend back to the sea twice. The day is spent in rain and fog, I’m thankful for the uphill because I get warmer. I keep moving to stay warm through five and a half hours of cycling and only twenty eight minutes stopped.

Occasionally the fog lifts a little and I can see what I’m cycling through.


Cathedral in the fog.


The river in Pardon.


The river walk. The trees are communicating.


View of Pardon from the cathedral.


My albergee from the cathedral. It’s behind the blue door. I’ll probably have it all to myself tonight.


12/21/2011 to Redondela

Hey, it’s not rainy this morning, just foggy. I had the albergee all to myself last night. Looks like tonight in Redondela will be the same. I am just cycling, not doing much sightseeing, just headed for Portugal. I’ll be there tomorrow, it’s 35 Kilometers away.


In the afternoon the sun comes out. I actually eat lunch in the sunshine, very nice.


Stacey, I found the missing space shuttle. The first model with the flapping wings. I’ve arranged to have it shipped to your home and installed in the front yard. I’m sure you’ll have it flying in no time. (I’m so proud-my sister is a rocket scientist)


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