12/25/2011 Oporto, and rest

Last nights dinner was socially great. There were a dozen people around the table, from Canada, Brazil, Portugal, England, Spain, and me.

This lovely woman from Brazil was traveling with her aunt.

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Christmas morning I walked around Porto trying to get lost, but couldn’t. Here’s some pics I took:

Down by the riverfront.


Christmas morning seagulls


The ever useful balcony.

Can you spot the santa?


These boats used to haul the wine. Now they haul the tourists. I had a glass of port wine with dinner tonight. It was sweet and strong.


This group of Japanese tourists walked 100 feet from their hotel, took pictures of each other, then walked back to their hotel. I must go to Japan to understand this behavior.


Old town streets


I may rest here another day. Both the city and the hostel are wonderful. I’m not quite ready to leave.

I had dinner tonight with a South Korean, a Taiwanese, a Canadian, two Brazilians and two Portuguese. Codfish. Gotta love it!

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