If variety is the spice of life, today was Thai food. I rode on a 4 lane highway, dirt roads, busted up asphalt, secondary roads, along the beach, in a pine and eucalyptus forest, through dozens of small towns and one big one, and ended up camping, which I have not yet done in Portugal- or Spain for that matter. The last time I camped was in France.

Ahh, the pleasures of camping. First, theres no find a hotel/hostel hassle. “That spot looks promising” is all it takes. Then theres the luxury of free time which camping allows, as I like to stop well before 4pm. There’s about six hours before sleep to relax, eat, think, write, and read.

I’m not well provisioned today. Dinner is bread with butter, two tangerines, dates and figs. Breakfast is museli with some fruit juice. The food tastes good and almost fills me up. I’ve eaten all I have, my panniers are empty. No worries.

A little adjusting for faithful sturdy Gribouli (my bike), write the journal, and it’s time to read. I have read half a dozen books on this journey, classic novels that I download on my Kindle.

I indulge in a few moment of homesickness, then let it go.

That’s the sum of my cares. How simple this cycle is.

Peaceful dreams.

Figueira da Foz, the big town I that I cycled through today.


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