12/30/2011 The Lunch

I have a cookstove. It is a quality Primus Multifuel expedition stove. It is supposed to run on unleaded gasoline, and it does fire up. But it burns with a sooty yellow flame that causes my pot to get a greasy sooty coating making it difficult to clean with camping facilities. So I have not been using it.

But two days with no hot meals leaves me hungry and a little fatigued. So I resolve to eat lunch out at the first restaurant I come to after 12:00. The restaurant (12:06) has no vegetarian plates of the day, so I get duck. It is a gut buster of a meal, a real bloater, just what I need. Think I’ll skip dinner tonight.


Portuguese wind power.


Arriving somewhere.


The charming town of Sao Martinho do Porto, with it’s perfect natural port.


Here’s the opening to the Atlantic.


Amazingly intact aqueduct in Obidos.


Here is the other side- a tourist parking lot!

See, who gives you the real skinny?


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