12/31/2011 New Years Eve in Lisbon

Today felt like a bonus day. I got two days worth of sight-cycling into one. I did make it to Lisbon, and am comfortable in a deluxe hostel in the middle of the pedestrian district.

The morning was beautiful.


The Portuguese coast down around Cintra reminds me of Big Sur.


Sintra was a charming town, but heavily touristed.


But the loop around the Cabo Raso area, the westernmost part of Portugal really delighted me.


The loop.


The loop.


It feels like I’m in Southern California here in Cascais.


Warm wishes to all on the eve of the new year.

4 thoughts on “12/31/2011 New Years Eve in Lisbon

  1. Shawn, best of luck in the New Year. I’ve been following your journey so far and admire you in your quest. Happy Pedaling!

  2. Hi Cynthia,

    Yes, Lisa is quite happy. Her full name is “Lisa Bytheway Wilson.” The name comes because she was found “by the way”, and her surname is Wilson because of the movie in which the shipwrecked Tom Hanks names the soccer ball that he always talks to “Wilson.” It is also a private joke between Leslie and myself, because she is used to being introduced last at gatherings. “Oh, by the way, this is Leslie”! So the name amuses me.

  3. Wow Britchenko, I am flattered. Today I left Lisbon and rode into Evora, my plan being to cut across Portugal to see the interior, then into Spain and down to Barcelona, then to Algecira. So I won’t get close to Algarve. Otherwise I’d love to meet with you.

    Hey, why don’t you come cycle with me for a spell in Morocco?

    Oh, by the way, your English is much, MUCH better than my Portuguese. 🙂


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