01/03/2011 into Evora

What will transportation look like 100 years from now? Will we see a bicycle renaissance? What if we took every other road and banned it to cars, leaving it open only for pedestrian and bicycle use? Should a means of transport weigh more than it’s cargo? If it does, more energy is expanded in moving the transport than in moving the cargo. Why is the internal combustion engine the one size fits all solution? Wouldn’t it be better to have many different types of solutions scaled to the cargo to be moved?

Driving a car says, “I need to get things done fast.” Far from standing for affluence, to me a car says poverty- of time. It says, “I have so little time that I need to rush.” There is also a poverty in connection with the environment, both in terms of sensory pleasure and in environmental consequence.

The paradox is that when you go slow you have more time. At least it feels that way! Often riding a bicycle feels too fast and I want to go slower, slower, stop. Just stay in one place. That is luxury for a traveler. “The Stationary Traveler.”

x Ok, I am off the soapbox.

Lisbon was a good place for me to rest and recharge. I gave away some gear that I have not been using, including my camping stove and air mattress.

I simply could not repair the leak(s) in the air mattress. I swapped it for a piece of foam. The cookstove I can live without. It’s very easy to make a quick meal and I am not particular. Naturally the pots were not needed.

All I have left for camping is a tent, sleeping bag, foam pad, water filter and water bladder.

Lisbon had a great old elevator built in 1902:


The tile pattern in the main square almost made me fall over!


I had contacted Ana through Warm Showers and she came over to vist me in the hostel before I left for Evora. She is a research sociologist studing the social problems caused by use of the car. She walks her talk, as she took the bus and then rode her Brompton folding bike.


Getting ready to leave the hostel in Lisbon.

P030112 08 350002

We swapped bikes for a moment. What fun that little folder is. When folded it is easily carried, or it can roll along on it’s rack. The Brompton is very cleverly designed.

P030112 08 420001

Self portraits.


After catching a ferry to leave Lisbon- with Ana’s help- I rode through cork farms. I saw a truck laden with cork bark. A forest of oak poodles.


Typical gently rolling countryside, a wide shoulder, good weather, a wonderful place and time to ride.


Ahh, Evora. The name is magical. Eve in Evora. Evora is a world heritage city. I’ll explore it tomorrow.


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  1. I did have a Belem pastry later that day. Actually I had a package of four of them. I needed all those calories!

    It is hard to have conversations but when I find someone who speaks english, look out!

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