1/23/2012/ Fes



I am thrilled to be here. After making it through the “my hotel is better and cheaper than your hotel” touts I went to my planned hotel, the Cascade, which is right inside the Blue Gate. It is noisy here, but it is Moroccan medina noise. A ten year old boy spots me riding in and offers to guide me to my hotel. He is cute and I say “sure.” He skips along in front of me for 500 feet and points out my hotel to me!

I look for a tip but only have a 20DH bill. (a very large tip) When he sees my open wallet and a 100DH bill, he insists his fee is 100DH! (My hotel costs 80DH) I nearly split my side laughing at his audacity. He takes the 20 and skips off, only to reappear a few minutes later to gawk at me and the bike.

When you know what to expect you really can enjoy this place. Only one tout makes me mad, my bad. After I repeatedly insist he leave me alone he tells me I need to “open my heart.” I tell him he needs to be considerate, but I am angry. Score, Tout 1, Shawn 0.. I took it personally and not as a game, and am engaged and so he continues. I realize my mistake and totally ignore him. He soon leaves.

I really like it here. There is so much life, bustle, food, community. There are so many instances of kindness and trust and goodwill that I could write pages. I only offer the bad examples to help others learn from my mistakes.

The Blue Gate


The Blue Gate


View from the terrace of my hotel.


View from the terrace of my hotel.


The big plaza.


The big plaza.


Ummm, a hearse?


You must always be aware that the other shoe may fall.


3 thoughts on “1/23/2012/ Fes

  1. Hi Brian, Yes, this is a real adventure. I’m stretched, challenged, struggling some moments, then elated the next. I am so exposed alone on a bicycle. That has it’s benefits and challenges…

  2. Hi Ian,

    Yes, I loved Chefchaouen. I took a ton of pics there. And I am going to finish in Essaouirra. You warned me and you were right. But you still have to be open or you miss great opportunities!



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