01/28/2012 Into the Snow

The morning dawns clear. The forcast has changed, no snow predicted. So my plans change, albeit reluctantly. I am so comfortable with the heat on and I know where to eat.

It is quite cold, just a few degrees above freezing. I am thankful for my socks, it’s too cold for just the sandals. Just a few miles out of town I run into a traffic jam. I scoot past the long line of cars and busses and find a wrecked car, cops, ambulance. I sneak around the mess and find out why it wrecked, ice on the road. Griboulli doesn’t like ice on the road, and I must proceed very cautiously. I fall in with a long line of vehicles moving at a very reasonable bicycle speed and cruise along, just one of the gang. We pass another car slammed into the side, and a truck upside down off an embankment.

The fourth wreck.


Things warm up, the road ice melts, and the scenery is magnificent.


I make a wrong turn and go to Switzerland.


There are cedar forests.


Resting after a climb. We got up to 6,400 feet today.


But then it leveled out. I am in a high plateau in the middle of the Atlas mountains.


Lots of Moroccans were out playing in the snow. He looks good in my sunglasses.


Pretty pretty snow.


The clouds cast beautiful shadows on the snow.


Farm truck at the ready.


Descending a little with the Greater Atlas mountains in the background.


Lovely and curious sights.


Lots of sheep with little to nibble. There are scattered earthen houses that are half buried.


I end up in Timahdite. It is a working town with two hotels. The first one wants 200DH, and it is a dump. The water doesn’t even run and the beds aren’t made. I offer 80DH and am turned down, he is firm. I ride to the other hotel, 2KM out of town. There I find Joeld and his wife and a cozy bunk for 100dh in their home. I am sitting by the wood stove in their dining room well fed on wife’s cooking and very content. They are close, watching Bollywood soaps and cracking sunflower seeds.

It will get well below freezing tonight.

One thought on “01/28/2012 Into the Snow

  1. Yes, I am going to be cycling over the Greater Atlas mountains, then drop down to the Sahara desert.

    I have some special socks called “sealskins”. They are made of an outer and inner layer with a plastic layer in the middle to keep water out. They are very difficult to wash and dry, but do keep my feet warm as I am cycling in sandals.

    Apparently the cedar forest has Barbary Apes living in it. How odd!


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