01/29/2012. Turnaround

Today is going to be a push day. It is 90 km up the Greater Atlas mountains to get to the next town with a hotel, Midelt. However, I get 17km out and start cussing, realizing that I had left my passport at the hotel. Josed had taken it when I checked in, but not returned it, I had forgotten to ask.

By the time I ride back to the hotel, it is 11:00. With much inner debate, I decide to stay put. It’s just too late and too far and I don’t want to be on the road at dusk and be tired.

I decide to plan where I want to go after Morocco. I don’t have any plans yet, except that I want to be out of western europe. That involves a plane flight. I look at Google Maps for hours, wondering “where do I want to go?” Then I think “Why not fly home for awhile?”

For traveling has become routine. Being stationary will be fresh. How unfamiliar to wake up in the same bed! How freeing to have getting fed and getting shelter become background instead of foreground! How comforting to spend time with someone I trust and have a history with! How luxurious to have a choice of clothes!

Wow, what a wonderful experience that will be! How did I ever not see it fully?

So I book a plane fare from Casablanca to Florida on March 5th, about 35 days from now. I will have traveled for 5 months.

Is the trip over? No, I’m just living richly. I’m going to plan the next leg of the journey from home, and continue when Traveling becomes more compelling than Stationaryism.

There must be geothermal activity up here because this creek had algae mats and was steamish.


Testing the creek for frozenness. Probably the wrong way to do it.


The frosted trees are unearthly.


Tomorrow I start again for Midelt.

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    • Yes, I was a little concerned too. I think everyone has turned off the Shawn channel! Thanks for your support Sage, it means a lot coming from you.

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