1/30/2012 into Midelt

“Miles from nowhere,

think I’ll take my time,

to reach there.”

Cat Stevens.




The morning is so cold I need to wear everything. My water bottles become slushys.

Yet people are living traditional lives throughout these mountains.


I climb to 7400 feet, sucking in all the thin air I can, loving the ascent, the views, the wildness, the stark beauty; this is what I cycle for, this is what life was meant for.

And then, there is the descent.


I coast for miles, pedaling backwards in a futile attempt to stop shivering.

I end up on a mile high desert plateau. Large geologies arise and vanish as my small wheels spin.


The road intrudes on timeless mud brick villages.


Homes arise from the earth and crumble back into it.


He looks cool in my sunglasses, but I doubt he has bathed in months.


Miles from nowhere,

think I’ll take my time…


to reach there.

Midelt, a more modern city.

City kids.


What a great, great ride today. How good life can be.

6 thoughts on “1/30/2012 into Midelt

  1. Hi Eric,

    Yes I am coming home for a while on March 6th. I wrote about it yesterday in the entry titled “Turnaround.” If I keep on without a break traveling is going to become routine and less enjoyable. What feels unique and rich to me is to stay in one place for a while with comforts around me.

    • Yes, in bed. The room temperature is in the 40’s. The shower was lukewarm and made me colder. But I have a sore throat and headache this AM and am going to stay put for today.

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