2/01/2012 Ready or Not

I have been sick for two days. It is an accumulative and conjuntive failure. The riding in the cold air gave me a sore throat, and because it was so cold I drank 4 cups of Morrocan Whiskey (Tea) in 2 days, and then I more ravenoulsy then sensibly ate at a dubious cafe, where the chicken was kept warm by a flourescent bulb.

So I ended up with a caffeine withdrawal headache, a sore throat, the runs, and a hot/cold fever thing. I did not have the energy to get out of bed, and when I did, I got back in bed for warmth as the room was unheated. (most rooms are unheated) I thought about going to the hospital. I felt so alone. To have had someone to help me make decisions, to have ran out and gotten things to eat, to have looked after me…

I am reluctant to take pills, so put off invading my mini pharmacy for a day. Mistake. I began taking codeine pain pills, antidiareal medicine and an antinflamitory. Low and behold, I felt well enough to chance riding today.

I had eaten only 5 tangerines in the last two days, so my oomph was on vacation. But I made it 74 Km to Rich, including a steep 1400 ft climb.

The photographer was replaced with the survivalist today, sorry. The terrain was high desert, chocolate colored, mud brick homes, sheep herding, a skinny winding road with chunks missing, and dashing grey creeks.

Rich is overwhelmingly foreign. There is nothing here for the western tourist, it is as Allah made it for Morrocans. It is dirty, crowded, noisy, colorful, and as alien to me as it is natural to it’s inhabitants.

Ooh, I found this great Mexican resterant and had…. Just kidding.

My attitude is compromised by my not feeling well. I’m sure I’ll be loving it again tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “2/01/2012 Ready or Not

  1. foreign is exactly what you wanted!
    and I am glad you stayed in bed.

    once I was alone, in Port Townsend, WA. I arrived after a flight and three buses, only to come down with pneumonia. I stayed at a friend’s house while she was away. i couldn’t start the woodstove. The pipes froze and the town’s sewer backed up. I was SO sick. I ended up taking a taxi to the hospital. It was Christmas day. I was the saddest case they had seen, so they gave me a teddy bear. I’ve had it for 20 years. A really nice one. My cat loves it.
    Here’s a teddy bear for you…

    • Oh Sage, that is such a sad story. : (
      I can picture the whole thing, I know Port Townsend.

      Thanks for the Teddy Bear. Did I say I wanted foreign? Was that me?

  2. Thanks Eric. The toilet has been clogged here forever, the hot water is lukewarm, the rooms are in the 40’s, and I don’t speak French or Arabic.
    If I was feeling well this would be an adventure. But right now I would be at home if I could.

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