I love getting up in the morning and riding my bike down the road past things I’ve never seen towards places I’ve never been. Knowing this will end makes my time here more enjoyable. Like my son Drew said when looking at the leaning tower of Pisa: “Knowing that it will fall someday makes it so much more poignant.”

Emily Dickenson writes:

That it will never come again

Is what makes life so sweet.

Believing what we don’t believe

Does not exhilarate.

That if it be, it be at best

An ablative estate —

This instigates an appetite

Precisely opposite.


The oasis around Skoura boasts some nice homes.

P2154014 2

I’m especially enjoying the wide open vistas of the high desert.

P2154015 2

The city of Ouarzezate appears as I top a crest.

P2164017 2

This is Aït Benhaddou, now a world heritage site, formerly a stop in the camel caravan route between the Sahara and Marrakesh.

P2164019 2

The Atlas mountains backdrop Aït Benhaddou. A few families still live in the Ksar.


The view from the roof of my hotel. Here I’ll rest and explore Aït Benhaddou tomorrow.

P2164020 2

2 thoughts on “02/16/2012

    • It is a good hotel. I have a shower and a toilet in my room, with two towels and toilet paper. There is no heat, so the owner brought me some extra blankets as it will probably freeze here tonight. The water was hot too. Think I’ll stay two nights.

      I had to repair my bicycle today when I arrived, a rim was bulging. I hammered it back and it seems to be fine.

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