02/22/2012 Jardin Majorelle

Today I popped off on my bicycleta to see the Jardin Majorelle, a “must see” in Marrakech.

Apparently all the tourists heard the same thing.

P2214239 2

The Jardin was begun in 1924 by a French furniture maker who came to Morocco to paint. Yves St Laurent purchased and restored the garden and opened it to the public. The blue color is the gardens signature.

P2214246 2

The pots are bright.


There is a small but well done Berber museum which does not allow you to take photographs inside. But here is the outside.


There are a lot of cactussss.


That should be cactiiii.


The blue is alluring and mysterious.


Shadows and blue.


Blue fountain.


Everything looks great against this blue.


Almost everything!

P2214242 2

OK, I’ve done the tourist thing and I have a routine worked out here. Time to move on. I’ll start for Essaouira, a world heritage costal town tomorrow. I think my rim will make it.

3 thoughts on “02/22/2012 Jardin Majorelle

  1. Hi Shawn
    Hope you enjoyed Essaioaira ? we did, very photogenic… and your rim holds out. You must have worn it out braking on the descents, you chicken!
    I love the quality of your photos and the website. My iPhone photos look like happy snaps : /
    We are flying out tomorrow, happy pedalling!

    • Hi Mike!

      I’m just in Essaouira yesterday afternoon. A tout rented me a 2 bedroom apt and I took it for 150DH. I am going to explore Eassouira by cycle today. It was fun meeting you, even though briefly. What are the odds of us meeting twice? Enjoy home, I know I will.

  2. I arrived in Marrakesh.
    This is my first very happy day in Marocco!
    Bike has been with luggage in Mhamid.
    So, road from Ourzazate to Marrakech not so difficult. But in the other direction looking more difficult.
    I stayed in La Paz hotel till tomorow and I wand go to Atlas for snowboard for one day.
    Keep warm

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