6/04/2013 Commitment- Arrival in Portland Maine.

One of the hardest parts of the Journey is leaving, especially when life is very, very good. The last goodbyes and assurances pull at my heart and make me wonder if I am doing the right thing. The feeling lasts all through the flight, the arrival, the assembly and testing of the bike, and finally eases once the wheels start spinning and the world starts unrolling.

All I find is a tiny country store on my ride to the campground, so dinner is a can of Bar Harbor sardines on bread with a cup of hot water. Breakfast will be a can of Bar Harbor Clam Chowder. This suits me just fine. Life is simplifed to it’s essence living this way and I find it plenty good. (I chuckle at myself, living a “simple life” with my laptop and high tech bike) Oh well, embrace contradictions!


A Hedge Hog sculpture near the Portland airport.


Lakefront camping.


Working on the Macbook Air, a great computer for travelers.

2 thoughts on “6/04/2013 Commitment- Arrival in Portland Maine.

  1. Well happy Birthday Daddy-O

    Yeah well, as I sit hear and eat the corn & pepper quiche souffle Alexandra made, for me and 35 work colligues; for school finnals; I can Imagine the small slimy fish is pure in essence becuase, it was the only choice.
    I didn’t eat …. because it wasn’t as efficient as eating the excess. You diddn’t eat …. because it wasn’t availabe and couldn’t be carried easily on a bike.

    So how do we ballence these styles of abundent choice, and mono-options. YOU can bike down any road that attracts you. It matters not where and when you get there. Devine Right Timing.

    However, the condition of the arival is certainly on sweet sweat.
    swap the variables and you’ve got home,
    (or my brain has over conditioned thinking)
    Love you,

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