6/05/2013 Portland to Phippsburg

I met Susan this morning after exploring Portland by bicycle. Such a charming small city on a peninsula.


There was the remains of a narrow gauge railway.



I am trying to create a video record for Susan of each days travels for the practice. It will show how she overcomes her fears and other physical issues by tapping. It is calld “Tapping up the coast” and is on you tube.

There is so much lovely water. I love big water and little houses.


The Maine countryside is so verdant.


The days ride is uneventful for me, Susan has issues with her legs cramping and breaks a helmet mirror. We rest and walk when she has trouble.

We are hosted in a lovely multistory waterfront home by Darwin and Arra and pass the evening talking about Maine history.
My sweet room has a window overlooking the river. Thank you!

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