6/08/2013, From Camden to Bar Harbor and Acadia Park.

It is going to be raining today, and Susan has found some friends Greg and Linda to give us a ride to Bar Harbor. I discover I have a flat and set out to repair it on James’ front porch.


Sidetrack- check out this cool birdhouse


So Greg and Linda and Susan and I arrive at Everett’s home. His girfriends Sonya is there from her home on Cranberry island. Everett takes Susan and I on a whirlwind tour of Acadia park. I look for the hostel where I met Sage, my other cycling friend years ago, but it has been converted to a resteraunt.


Acadia Park Photos:



My friend Susan and I:


It’s my birthday and I decide to do something new and location appropriate- eat a Maine lobster. I am assured of having plenty of coaching from my table of experts, but first I have to put on the bib. Seriously!


After inspection it is determined that I am eating a girl lobster. This does not help. Anything that identifies this crustracean as an individual makes eating it too personal.


Well, it does taste alright. And it is filling. Still, sucking meat out of an external skeleton, uhhhhh.




3 thoughts on “6/08/2013, From Camden to Bar Harbor and Acadia Park.

  1. I’ll eat squid and octopus but I don’t think Lobster. ;z)
    They are like the giant cockroaches that crawl around at the bottom of the sea.
    It was finding a local solution though.
    Alls good

  2. It seems your having a good time over there! 😉 To more sea food and cool cocktails on ice! Happy birthday!

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