Pennfield New Brunswick to Digby Nova Scotia

Susan awoke and looked out of the window. The sky was clearing. She got her cycle loaded and waited for me. “Susan, it’s 5:00AM, what are you doing?” “I couldn’t sleep. Must have been the tea last night.”

So we left early, hoping to get to Port George today.


The scenery was stunning.


We took the old highway one for a while. It has been replaced by the Trans Canada highway. Small hotels hang on, their vacancy signs lamenting a bygone time.


We made it to St George just in time to catch the noon ferry to Digby, Nova Scotia.
Lifeboats are ready to go.


Rope ladders are at the ready to lower us to safety.


Ship Sculpture.


We find a hostel and take a walk around Digby.




Digby harbor is mostly working fishing boats.


After walking I am hungry. I eat at three shops in a row. First was Subway, a 12″ vegi, second was the Pizza place next to it, and finally a double dip ice cream at the shop next to that. I was finally full.

In the evening I worked on a few of Natalie from Germany’s photos. A very nice hostel in Digby- the Backpackers Hostel.

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