It’s nightime, raining. The wind roars through the pines above me. My little island stays dry. I lie awake waiting for the sunrise. The sunrise comes slowly through the fog and drizzle.

I dress for rain and leave my stealth camp.


I am on route 3 heading towards Barrington then Shelburne. Route 3 has no paved shoulder and is the longer scenic route. Route 103 is the fast road, but it has a shoulder and bikes can ride on it, and I hop on it today. Here is a shot of it. It has plenty of vacancies where car noise does not disturb the cyclist.


Birchtown was where blacks who were loyal to the queen during the American Revolution came. Here is their schoolhouse.

When I arrive in Shelburne, the sun is out. Shelburne has a quaint historical waterfront with the sweetest tourist office!


More Shelburne waterfront:




I see some teenagers swimming in the boat launch ramp and strip down to my chamois and dive in. It is soooo refreshing to lose the heat of the day.

Bob and Sheila Rowe are Canadians seeing Nova Scotia and beyond. We chat for 20 minutes about adventure. Sheila offers to say a prayer for me. I say I am not religous, but accept the spirit in which it is offered.


I cycle out of Shelburne picking up groceries. I now have too much food and must drape it over my bicycle. Never shop when you are hungry, especially on a bicycle!

My stealth camping spot overlooks a river and is buggy, but I eat well. 55 miles today, and it was at the right pace. I stopped to enjoy often.

I am not yet settled into this journey. It is really easy to be in this culture, there are no challenges that way. I think I rather like something more culturally challenging, as it is more engaging. Here my thoughts and diet are not much different than back at home- with the exception of my new must-have food, Kippers! We’ll see how this progresses.

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