6/18/2013 Jordan Branch to East Port Medway

Man there are bugs here. They swarm me when I stop for a moment in the country. When I stop at night to camp I rush to get the tent set up, as clouds of bugs hover around me. When I set the tent up and toss my panniers inside, I jump in and zip it up and start killing the bugs inside.

I woke to find that I had a flat tire. I walk to an open part of the drive I am on and keep walking in circles as I work on the tire, trying to keep the bugs away.

I ride for a while on highway 3 which is the scenic route, but must get on 103 to avoid tripling the distance. Route 103 is a broad two lane road with adequate shoulders. The grades are also more gentle than route 3. However, ou are cycling through forest, nothing else to see. Cycling on route 3 also is mostly forest and country cottages and small farms, but it is more intimate. The woods are closer.

Crossing the Jordan River.

The Port Hebert migratory bird sanctuary. P6185391P6185392P6185393

Summerville beach. Yes, there is a lot of sand, but no bathers.


Hunt’s Point Beach


I made Liverpool. Not much like the Liverpoole in England with its’ wonderful Beatles museum and carney atmosphere.


I have to say it- this trip is a little boring. I could be cycling in Oregon. The scenery is lovely, but there is very little to remind me I am in another country.

I made camp this evening in a flurry of bugs. Then I discover that the orange spray that I bought to freshen my clothes kills them. I take great pleasure in exterminating all my little tormentors. Then I feel something on my back. What is it? It must be a tick, and I can’t see it to get it off. Gross. What to do? I spray it with citrus spray- yowsers, it burns! I’ll have to find a nurse who can remove it tomorrow…

Ahhh, new challenges.

I wake up at midnight to the sound of a steady rain falling. The floor of my tent has become wet- I am camping in a rocky area and couldn’t secure the fly well, and I was in a rush to get out of the bugs.

One thought on “6/18/2013 Jordan Branch to East Port Medway

  1. Hey Shawn,
    Are you ok with your tick/bug/rainy Canadian experience? Haven’t heard anything for 2 days. The ticks were bad in Lunenburg (I did end up spending 2 days there with Craig). Miscommunication…had a great walk on Gaff Point, similair to the beach/loose fieldstone pics you posted. I spent an overnight in Toronto airport (oh boy!) then off to Boston. Roxie and Dakota checked out your blog and wanted details on our journey. I’m connecting now with many friends north of Boston and have borrowed a bike from Dakota’s dad.

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