6/20/2013 Martins River to French Village

Today was one of those days that seemed like two. The first day was leaving my beautiful camp and deciding to ride without changing the tube, to just keep pumping it up until I could find new tubes. I had a half hour pumping cycle, and would watch my watch. If I pumped it up to 65, it would be down to 25 in 30 minutes.

There are many small graveyards in Nova Scotia.


Western Shore, route 3

But, as luck would have it, there was a hardware store in Western Shore that had bicycle tubes.

I celebrated by having a footlong veggie at a nearby Subway. And then the second day began, as I rode with that worry resolved. I stopped to chat with a cyclist and he asked if I was riding the trail. I didn’t know what he was talking about, so he told me there was a trail that ran from about 30 feet from me to downtown Halifax. So I get on it and began to ride.

After 15 or so miles and a few conversations I got off at an old railway station, now called “Bean and Bike” and enjoy tea and a fig bar while thinking things over. I decide to leave the bike trail to go visit Peggys Cove, a very famous lighthouse. It will take me a lot longer, but I will probably never pass here again. These Mallards? were spoted at Tantalone, en route to Peggys cove.


Tantalone waterfront.


This area is heavily touristed- for Nova Scotia- and stealth camping is difficult. I find an old pioneer cemetary with an abandoned house. By positioning my tent precisely behind the house and shrubbery, I am invisible from the road. I casually stroll- like a tourist- across the street to the bay and wade into the seaweed and rocks. Out far enough I swim. Yowsers, is it refreshing! I sit on a submerged rock with my legs chilling and nibble seaweed. I find a dribble of a creek and fill my 5 gallon water bladder, hang it from the back of the old house, and rinse off. My neighbors the pioneers approve.

Am I nuts to think this is fun?

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