6/21/2013 French Village to Halifax

I awoke this morning excited by the prospect of seeing Peggy’s Cove. Peggy’s cove is the most touristed lighthouse in Nova Scotia, and is on the must see list for most Nova Scotia tourists. I awoke at 5:00AM packed my bike, rejoiced that my back tire had held air, and took off.

On the way I rode past Hacketts Cove.


The first sighting of the Peggy’s cove lighthouse.


This is Peggy’s Cove, a small inlet in the rocky peninsula that is great for docking fishing boats.


The lighthouse.


What is amazing is that I have it all to myself, no other tourists. There is a big parking lot for the busses.


Had a good conversation with Jiri Novek, from the Chezk republic. He has traveled all over the world, but currently has a girlfriend in Halifax. He cussed up a sailors storm over all the blankedy blank tourists that came here. He looked enviously at my bike and said he wanted to do that sometime.


Reluctantly I left Peggy’s cove for Halifax. So beautiful.


This rocky part reminded me of Avebury.


West Dover

Shad Bay


I finally made it to Halifax, and crossed over the McDonald bridge to Dartmouth to visit Jane and pick up my bike parts. Then I went to “The Bike Peddler” in downton Dartmouth. They were great, and soon had me on the road with everything repaired. I enjoyed talking with the owner, who has done a lot of touring himself.

Next I took the ferry with my bike across to Halifax, and checked into the backpackers hostel. I found a soft spoken friend in Aaron, who told me the story of the man who killed an attacking grizzly bear by sticking his fist down it’s throat to choke it, then bit it’s juglar till it bled to death. Quite a story!


Halifax from Citadel hill. Look at all the construction- it really seems to be doing well.


Oh my God- Japanese tourists drive by taking pictures….


Halifax waterfront.


There was a couple selling Segways and giving rides. I fell to talking with them about their business- stayed for nearly an hour, looking at their battery capacity, going over how to power them with the sun, helping out an enthusiast who wanted to ride one across Canada. My electric bike experience provided valuable perspective.

Back in the hostel its nice to be engaged with younger people.

I think it’s important to have a cycling destination, it gives me something to shoot for. I am looking forward to cycling to Truro- I hear the Pallison hotel is abandoned and is the perfect spot to watch a real tidal bore.

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  1. Hi Shawn,

    What adventures you’ve been on! Greg and I send you are best. I had no idea that you’ve been cycling your way around the world. When you make it back to San Diego — we’ll have to catch up!

    With love,

    Dana & Greg

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