6/24/2013 The Truro Tidal Bore

The Bay of Fundy has the largest tidal range on the planet. That creates some dramatic revealings of sandy beachs and cliffs, and also pushes and sucks water out of the creeks that flow into it. The Bay of Fundy has a subbay called the Minas Basin, which has a subbay called Cobequid Bay. That is where I am standing to watch the incoming tide push its way up this river. I missed the bore by half an hour yesterday and have waited 24 hours for it’s return.

Waiting. It is scheduled to happen at 2:22.


At 2:25, we hear a rushing of water and this bore makes it way around the bend in the river and approaches rapidly.


And it passes, headed upstream until the rising tide can lift it no farther.


And that’s it.

THe day is dark and sprinkly. I ride only 6 miles up the road and make camp at 3:00PM. I don’t want to be caught out if it starts to rain.

Sometimes I get lonely. I miss Leslie and my friends and my domestic life. There is no “but” coming, I just do. I think of everyone often.

I don’t know what this trip is giving me just yet. I don’t do it only to sightsee, I do it for adventure, to practice flexibility, and to overcome adversity. We’ll see.

One thought on “6/24/2013 The Truro Tidal Bore

  1. Hi Shawn,
    Catching up on your blog. Agreed, farmer’s market in Halifax pretty amazing. I stayed at the hostel on Barrington Street…very nice and in the center of many sites.
    I’ve secured a Mt. bike to bang around on (my bike, at last sighting, was in Syracuse NY en route to FL).
    Went kayaking outside of Portsmouth with some friends. Have been spending time with friends and family here in Newburyport, MA
    Meeting Dakota this afternoon for some hanging out time. Yeah!

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