6/25/2013 Lower Onslo to Halfway River East

My body is feeling good. I am letting it do it’s thing, which is to set the right speed for how it is feeling. I try and stay out of the way, an observer perched on an organic engine. It’s amazing to me how those legs keep pumping all day, hour after hour. It’s amazing to me how we keep moving along, 40, 50, 60.5 miles today.

Route 2 along the Minas Basin of Nova Scotia starts with gentle rolls from Truro, and gradually develops into moderate rolls with a few steep climbs. It is mostly farming communities along the way, with some crafts thrown in. The houses are all wooden with wood siding.

The bay is the big thing, inhaling and exhaling twice every 24 hours. When I was riding it was between breaths.

Upper Economy. There is also a town called Lower Economy, but I only bring you the best.


A view of the filling tidal flats from a 50 foot cliff.


Typical farmland scene.


Passing through the town of Five Islands. Except, they aren’t islands at the present.


Ok, all you wind power buffs, here’s a new one- a wind generator made of old ironing boards- oh, and so is the fence.


Yes, I know you want to study the details, so here is a close up.


I made it to Parrsboro and after shopping and emailing, turned away from the coast, inland on 2. About 10 miles in I found this place to camp, right on a lake. The water is brisk, and I enjoy the swim.

It is supposed to rain all day tomorrow. We’ll see what happens.

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