Sleep was difficult last night, the bullfrogs are amazingly loud in their choruses, even to the point of startling me when the closer ones sound. I hear the throat of one drag on the ground before it sounds, and it makes a double noise like a fart/croak as it projects a raspy honk into the nights rain. I make several wet, frustrating, flashlit expeditions to try and shush the little bugger, but can not find him.

The sound of rain on the tent is pleasing to me, and strong winds keep the tent quivering. I monitor the lake waterline to be sure it isn’t rising and threatening my camp. I am deep into David Copperfield and can’t put it down. Sometime in the morning I become sleepy enough to ignore all the stimulation, and doze off.

I awake to heavily overcast weather with rain and a strong wind. Difficult riding. The rain is not so bad, but I don’t like riding in dark conditions for safety reasons, and the wind would be a straight on headwind. I also have a bit of arrythmia, probably from all the sugar in the half gallon of cold fruit juice I bought at the co-op yesterday and slugged down in 20 minutes…

I have plenty of time to explore Prince Edward Island and still meet Sage on July 8th. So I stay put.

But, I am mulling over not cycling here much beyond Sage’s stay. I am thankful for the priveledge of seeing beautiful maritime Canda, and after 21 days my animal self has awoken, but the culture is too western to enchant or challenge me. Cycling in India or anywhere in Asia sparkles right now- even with the charming bullfrogs!

One thought on “6/26/2013

  1. 1. There’s always Iceland.The wind and rain there at least pay for the eccentricity of the place.

    2. Please post a picture of your fully loaded bike- maybe just before you start to unpack for the evening’s camp. I’m still in culling mode.

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