6/28/2013 Borden-Carlton, PEI

Trucks roll by all night. My little nest is 300 yards off the road behind some wild rose bushes. In the morning it is still misty/rainy and I hear the slush as the trucks speed along the wet highway. But Prince Edward Island is close, and I am jazzed to get there. Besides, I have been reading Anne of Green Gables on my Kindle and am feeling perky. What would Anne do?

You can’t actually ride a bike across the bridge. You have to call for a van pickup at the visitors center. I am lucky and get a young guy who is really into a light carbon footprint, and we hit it off. I invite him to my home in Florida. I think I’ll see him again someday.

The visitors center on PEI is very helpful and I end up riding a short distance to a bonafide campground, which costs $42. I do my laundry in shifts so I have something to wear, and even wash my smelly tent. I have a little shelter to camp under, and a big piece of blue tarp provided by the manager so my tent doesn’t have to get dirty again. The game room has free wifi, so here I sit, completely comfortable, while it rains outside.


Moose are considered to be the most dangerous animals in North America- partially because if you drive into one you hit it’s legs, causing its 1200 lb. body to crash into your windshield. I’m going to give em a wide berth.

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