6/29/2013 Carlton to St-Chrysostome, PEI

I am excited to ride the Carlton Trail on Prince Edward Island. I have checked it out last night and the surface is smooth, and there are no large potholes to dodge.


What a good trail- Good job trail builders. But like most rails to trails, the scenery is mostly uninteresting as the trail does not go through towns. It is all about potato farms.


So I break off and ride highway 1A into Summerside after 5 miles or so. The potato industry is well, though it has a dark side. In an effort to minimize the amounts of chemicals sprayed on farmlands, the government has mandated that potatos must be rotated with other crops and can be grown only once every three years. It’s not pesticides that are sprayed, but Roundup, as the potatos don’t compete well with the amazing crush of green evident everywhere. My sourse tells me that Prince Edward Island has the highest cancer rate of Canada, and it is believed it is due to the extensive farming.

Potatoes- worth it?


Prince Edward Island has a wonderful resource in the wind. I am heading towards the North Cape which has a wind power reseach station. Many individuals and institutions
have cast the net and wind generators are fairly common.


Here’s another from my theme of “Churches too Big for their Community”. This is the Eglise Notre Dame, and there is an inspiring story about a mans vision.


The minister back in 1898 had a dream of building this church, and managed to borrow seventy five thousand dollars. The church was built with all local materials, woods, bricks, labor. The loan was paid back in 30 years.

There was a blind man sitting in front as a docent. He was a wealth of information. He was Acadian, which refers to the French population that was expelled when the island became English. Later they were allowed back. His native tounge is French, and he speaks English like an Irishman. This area, north of Summerside along route 11 is the old Acadian area.

An lovely structure, an inspiring story, very cold inside.


What can I say about the feeling here? It feels gentle, soft. The island is lushly green, very moist. The grund everywhere is hummusy. It is like a dream cycling here, mostly level, few cars, idyllic scenery. And occasionaly something odd like this pops up. Hmm, gives me an idea of what to do with all those old olive oil bottles.


Typical landscapes




It is hard to find a place to stealth camp. I try many spots, but the ground is too boggy. Also, there are a lot of small acreages, I think I have found a good woods, but dive in and realize it is someones yard. At last I find the right spot. I make camp, take a shower, and the sky opens up. Sigh.

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