6/14/2014 Early morning drive in the Serengeti

Today we wake up at 5:30 so we can eat, pack, and load the Land Rover for an early morning game drive. Charles was up much earlier preparing our breakfast and packing picnic lunchboxes for us.



We saw many Giraffe. They are so extroardinary. They can only lower their heads for a moment to drink. They have an enormous heart to pump the blood up their necks, and a complex system of valves to keep from rupturing a blood vessel when they lower their heads.


A little DikDik.


The male Zebra’s have clearer stripes. They are not ridden because their backs are not strong like horses.


Down the road in the Range Rover. Zebra crossing ahead.


The Zebra migration. Often the Zebra and Wildebeest are mixed together.


Zebra’s planning their next move. They are just leaving the road. Notice they aren’t even looking at the Range Rover.


It’s impossible to capture in a photo, but Wildebeest and Zebra fill the landscape like chocolate chips as far as one can see.


Female lion on the prowl. Lots of good hunting for her.


A Jackal sniffs for a lions kill. Wildebeest fill the landscape, we are parked in their migration path.


Your’s truely and elephants.


Another view from the Range Rover.


Hippo on a trek. They leave their pond at night to graze. They can run at 40
KMH, which must be an amazing sight with those short legs.


A well fed lion family sleeping on the road. They killed a Zebra last night.


Momma lion, 50 feet away, glancing in our direction.


Yes, I was there and took this photo. Amazing.


Giraffe support group.


We leave the Serengeti in the afternoon and drive to the edge of the Ngorongoro crater to camp. This was a very busy campground, with people from all over the world pitching tents and eating dinner. The cooks kitchen was jammed with cooks and food. The dining room was filled. I sat next to Julie from Arizona, a precocious 16 year old. We talked about philosophy and personal growth, solved Africa’s problems, and agreed on almost everything. Wonderful!


The restroom facilites for 60? people. The area was wet, the floor covered with tracked in mud. The cook in the picture is filling his bucket with water for the kitchen.

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