6/15/2014 The Ngorongoro Crater

The Ngorongoro crater is actually a caldera. It is the worlds largest unfilled collapsed volcanic cone, 2000 feet deep with an area of about 100 sq. miles. It was not formed by a meteorite. Some of the earliest human remains date from this area and the Oldovai Gorge, not far from here.

Sometime, millions of years ago, mankind stood up and walked out from this place.

We wake up at 5:30 to eat and pack all the gear. We descend into the caldera as the sun is rising.


The clouds pouring over the rim of the crater at sunrise from our camp on the rim.


Sage, Shawn, Lisa and Anna.


David and Charles


Flamingo on the lake.


These Zebra do not migrate, very few animals enter or leave the caldera.


Zebra family.



Wildebeest close ups. I was told a story once about how after the creator made all the animals he made the Wildebeest out of the leftover parts


Hippos basking.




When an animal is spotted, the Land Rovers converge.


The Warthog. This was the only animal that seemed shy of the vehicles.


Ditch Lion


This male Lion was resting in a ditch right beside the road.

Around 1:00 we left the crater and were driven back to our hotels. This safari was a remarkable experience, and I feel very privileged to have done this.

It is remarkable to me that these animals are here today, given the poverty that surrounds the park areas. For example, the Manyara crater has many teak and other hardwood trees- quite valuable.

It was not always comfortable, don’t expect a luxury experience if you do it on a budget like I did. Do expect to get really close to large animals in their natural habitat, and to see them doing all the things that animals do.

One thought on “6/15/2014 The Ngorongoro Crater

  1. So Ditch Lion is a different species of Lion then what we know ? ;z)

    I was thinking of going and visiting the Lepers a few hours away from here. (yes there really are. ) – health / Sanitation conditions are that bad. Out of Sheer … you know what. I have a kind of disbelief in 2014 that there are still Lepers. but there are and not in Africa either. ;z )

    I love it, Yeah, Monkeys started getting more food by walking longer distances.. then climbing Trees (since guerrillas really aren’t closest) so we HAD TO CARRY STUFF, so that extra finger became even more useful… etc.
    beautiful. oxo

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