4/10/2015 South of St Augustine a happy camper has a beach all to himself.

Ninety One miles today, three hundred and one mile total so far.

My son Drew and I saw the leaning tower of Piza together. I saw tears in his eyes, and asked him why. He said, it’s much more precious knowing that one day it will fall.” And that is terribly poignant.

There are many splendid moments in cycling. Now the scenery is beautiful and my heart sings. But it can’t be kept, these moments keep drifting into the next moment, and soon I am in noisy stinky traffic again. This moment is here, it’s gone, there is a new one. I can’t hold it, can’t own it, can’t keep it. And that is terribly poignant.

Thank you sister Stacey for your hospitality last night. I know I eat a lot. I was wolfed from cycleing 50 miles into the wind.

Today I sail up the coast towards St. Augustine. The nervous jitteries are leaving. The frightened, over analyzing thinking is fading. I’m able to enjoy myself again.

I spend a lot of time today sorting out my GPS system. It is more critical when traveling by bike, because bike routing takes you through more turns as the streets are smaller. It is important to have a 2.1 amp USB charger. If you have one of the more common 1 amp types, the charging won’t be able to keep up with the usage and your Droid will fold.

I see an oportunity here in these abandoned boats!
SAM 0271

I saw this airplane and pulled into the local small town airport. It seemed unusual to see a crowd of young foreigners socializing in that environment. A young Chinese man offered to take this picture. It turns out that the USA is the cheapest place to learn to be a pilot, one third the cost of China, and these students come from all over the world.

SAM 0277

If you have never cycled here, this is what you are missing. Being on a bicycle, I can linger at the bridge apex taking in the view.

SAM 0279

This is what makes a very happy camper. This state park has luxury hotels on either side of it. This spot is 200 feet from the road, completely hidden. I went swimming, took a shower, I feel so lucky.

SAM 0282

Hidden from the road.

SAM 0284

Can you find the happy camper in this picture?
SAM 0285

2 thoughts on “4/10/2015 South of St Augustine a happy camper has a beach all to himself.

  1. Hello Shawn ,it was so good to talk to you today. Just been very busy with the family. Have been meaning to stop and see you . We will follow you on your journey. Have a safe journey and may the and may you be blessed with electrical outlets in many places

    • Hi Ken!

      You are still my hero. You haul cargo and yourself and all you burn are calories. You are a great if hard to follow role model!

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