4/17/2015 Choctawatchee to Mobile, Alabama

I camped next to a hospital and was able to charge my bike up overnight. I have been having some issues with the BMS- this is a circuitboard the manages the lithium batteries. I was hoping a full charge would fix my issues. The bike did not fully charge, and the battery was not balanced. I need to check out the BMS. Still, I can ride, so I keep on going!

What a lot of rain! Soggy camps are no fun, but at least it wasn’t freezing as well. Showers pass.
SAM 0325

The library in Defuniak Springs, by popular demand, installed this outlet right next to the bicycle rack.

SAM 0323

My favorite library so far, old wooden floors, a feeling of history, lake view.

SAM 0324

Sweet far-from-home Alabama.

SAM 0328

Later the rain begins in earnest. Cars drive slowly with their blinkers flashing, water builds up in ponds on the sides of roads, and cars and sensible ebikers pull off and seek shelter.

SAM 0331

What serious rain does to you:

SAM 0332

On the theme of Victorians, check out this beauty. What a history!

SAM 0336

I decide to spend the night in a hotel to dry out and try to sort out my BMS. I cannot repair it with the tools at hand, I need to take it apart in my shop and run tests and rebuild the resistors.

After consulting with my lead genius, Mechanical Mike, I decide to rent a car and come home, repair, and then drive back to Mobile to resume the Loop the USA tour. I have ridden 870 miles. I have broken it and know it’s weak link. I will fix this and continue.

To be continued….

3 thoughts on “4/17/2015 Choctawatchee to Mobile, Alabama

  1. 870 miles! Great! I must have felt your semi-return to Venice when I thought to check your blog today. I’m sure you’ll be back on the Loop the USA before you know it Shawn.

  2. A great journey so far, sorry you had to do a U-Turn, but all will be well, Safe travels Shawn, enjoy life like I know you wish to.

  3. Sorry to read this. I’m sure you’ll fix it and get back out there. The same thing with the weather happened to me after I left you and Florida; the last time. I left the Sunshine State and it started to rain. LC

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