5-10-2015 Simmesport LA to Oberlin LA.

It’s fascinating to me how similiar the electronic sounds of today are to the ancient calls of birds and insects. Sometimes in nature it sounds like I am in a sea of electronic noisemakers. Probably the noises that these things make are a physical requirement of their similar sizes, but maybe it’s the sounds of the laws of the universe leaking out from behind.

This morning I get stuck riding gravel roads and after a dozen miles I am greatly relieved to emerge onto asphalt. And then I am in a land of perfect homes with perfect lawns. A sign reads “Welcome to Plattsville. No loud noises or littering or we will fine you. We mean it.”

I am impressed. Everything is tidy and orderly. I stop at the convenience store. The proprieter, a handsome woman, greets customers by name. Everyone seems happy, and pleasant. The whole feeling becomes erie, like The Stepford Wives….

The feeling of Plattsville.
SAM 0384

The farmers are out plowing their fields. I look at the prices of their equipment in a magazine. A lot of the stuff costs more than a house. I have a great respect for the hard work and financial commitment of these men.

SAM 0385


SAM 0386

I’ll probably cross into Texas tomorrow!

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