5-11-2015 Oberlin to Merryville

It is raining in the morning. I chug along, trying not to smell my feet! My shoes and socks and feet have developed a strong odor. I have been trying to ignore it, but it follows me everywhere! Wet shoes and wool socks and hot feet make bacteria very happy. I need to get some open sandals to ride in.

The back wheel feels wobbly and the brake is dragggin so I pull over and look…. I am afraid that I will see- Broken Spokes. Criminee, not again… Two. Must repair, there is no procrastinating, the wheel could collapse. I find an old church that is now a community center with a covered front porch, and take my bike apart.

I decide to buy all new spokes and respoke the wheel when I can. This is happening way too often and I am running out of spare spokes.

A traveling cyclists tells me about Merryville, the last town in Louisiana before Texas, where the historical society has a museum that allows cyclists to camp on their grounds. Wow! I arrive there, call a number, and Elene Shows up with the lock code for the hot showers and a cabin to sleep in! Wow!

At the library I meet Sam, an old timer. He talks to me about farming and cycling and wants to know why I shave my head and what I eat when I am camping. I tell him that I always have some sardines to eat in a pinch. He wrinkles his nose, then says; “You should carry a trap, and put the sardines in the trap. Then you could catch a possum and eat him instead”. He keeps a straight face for a second and I stare at him intently. He smiles and I burst out laughing! He invites me over for dinner.

Log cabin at the Merriville Historical Society

SAM 0391

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