5/20/2015 Sour Lake to Stoneham Texas

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It has been a while since I wrote. I decided to stay an extra day in the hotel to rest and work on the bike and my camping gear. There is a sporting goods store nearby and
the timing seemed right. I especially had to repair a missing window in the fly of my tent, and replace my smelly shoes with open sandals.

Then Leslie called me and said that if I wanted to come visit her in Maintou Springs the time must be now, as she didn’t want to wait another week. So I said “I’ll leave today”. I rented a car and stored my bike and drove to Colorado to see her. I returned to Texas with Leslie and she took a bus for home. My ride resumes.

Leslie and I in “Garden of the Gods” Manitou Springs, Colorado.

SAM 0443


Sour Lake is not sour at all. It is a very sweet little town with intersting neighbors- little oil wells. It’s kinda like house, house, house, oil well, house, oil well, house, house, house.

The librarian suggested I camp in a storage shed on library property. I rigged up a shower, pitched my tent inside, and was completely ready for the storm that never came.

SAM 0464

These little oil wells are everywhere.

SAM 0466

This one was drilled in 1957, at which time it produced 25 barrels of oil each day. By 1957 production had dropped to 4.5 barrels of oil a day. In 2000 it was producing 2.1 barrels of oil each day. In 2010 it was producing 1 barrel of oil a day. The income from one little oil well like this would be a comfortable retirement!

The weather is very overcast. There is an El Nino weather pattern and I ride all day in grey dodging thunderstorms and showers. Visibility for autos is low in heavy rain and so I keep off the road. I am getting tired of it and long for sunshine.

I camp in a cemetary tonight. The grass is long, the flowers faded, the road rutted. It’s very peaceful here and I feel like a welcomed guest. One cemetary resident reminds me as I visit his grave “The only difference between your condition and mine is a few short years- and they go by fast.” I do basic bike maintenance, wash clothes and cook a good dinner. It is so humid that I sleep without my bag and take a second shower in the morning. All is good.

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