5/21&22, 2015, Stoneham to Shertz Texas.

It’s a 10 mile ride into San Antonio, and I’m pretty stoked to be this far. It’s now 1900 miles since I left home. After San Antonio, I am told I will start climbing “the mesa,” and that it’s a long slow climb. I am looking forward to higher altitudes, cooler temperatures, and less biting insects.

I was trying to keep the watt burn below 350 watts an hour, but the continuous rolling hills here led me to adopt a different riding style. Now I pick up speed going downhills and tap the mode button as I ascend to add boost to keep up the momentum. It’s a lot more fun! I’m just not worried about watt burn any more. The bike with it’s big batteries and big chargers sucks up the amps, and there are tons of places to charge. So I burn ’em more freely.

I used to be always looking at how full my battery gas tank was. Now I glance at it about as often as you look at the gas tank in your car. I always have plenty of chances to fill the tank. In fact, the tank hasn’t gotten much below half yet.

I keep learning things every day. For example, each day I fill my 5 gallon water bladder at the end of the day so I can shower and rinse out my clothes. Today I was filling it at a convenience store bathroom faucet and noticed the water was hot! Duh, get hot water! Tonight my shower was much warmer than usual!

My big find of the day: Two twentys and two tens! What luck! Lots of cars had driven past it. Has anyone got a good moral for this story, like, “it pays to be slow”?

SAM 0472

I wanted to camp in the Bastrop National Forest but the Pine Bark Beetle got there first:

SAM 0471

One thing that has left a lasting impression is how much money there is in oil, what a big part of the economy it is, and how it leaves wastelands behind. I took this picture from an otherwise idyllic gravel road.

SAM 0475

The back roads of Texas are lovely.

SAM 0486

Here’s another place to charge!

SAM 0468

Camping in flowers!

SAM 0489

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