6/06/201 The Apache Gold Casino Resort to Superior, AZ.

I am oiling the chain before leaving the Apache Gold Casino Resort and notice a broken spoke. Grrrr. OK, not really surprised, I have been slamming over dirt and rock and sand and cracks and bumps. It’s a good place to do this repair. I take off the front tire when replacing the rear to give the rear tire room to fall down.

SAM 0619

I put the wheel back on the bike and true it using the brakes as a guide. But one spoke doesn’t pull! The thread is stripped! I must take it all back apart and replace that spoke. Grrrr

I decide to put a new Wal Mart tire on the rear. The old one has worn through it’s tread. I reassemble the bike, get it all packed and ride away. Something isn’t right. The back tire is flat! I must have punctured the thornproof tube while assembling. Grrrr

For the third time I take it all apart and replace the tube and reassemble it and ride away into the most beautiful cycling day I have had on this trip. I am riding passes with long grades and big rocks and canyons and peek a vistas.

SAM 0622

Riding an electric touring bike makes these long 6% upgrades in the desert heat a pleasure. My focus is not on my remaining strength but on energy management. “OK, I know I have a lot of long uphill grades today, let’s limit the power burn to 500 watts and gear down while climbing.” I am sure I never want to be without electric assist when touring again. Without it I would be wiped and much less alert and safe.

Sherpa slurps up long grades like this:

SAM 0625

I am delighted to see Sargaso cacti blooming.

SAM 0632

I ride into the cute empty closed town of Superior and find a park and recharge and take a nap. It is desert hot. After loading up with water I ride a few miles out of town and find a road heading towards a lovely mountain range. I take it, and a mile back find a creek. What good luck! The creek is small and muddy and ice cccold. Little fish nibble my legs. Perfect!

SAM 0635

Tomorrow I ride into Phoenix/Tempe, check into a hotel (with a pool!) for three days, and swap out the charging system. It’s going to be a challenge to do this in a hotel room without all the resources in my shop, but that’s what this trip is for- to test out new ideas.

The miles keep clicking by. Today I passed 3000. I am actually nearing completion of my first leg of the journey.

2 thoughts on “6/06/201 The Apache Gold Casino Resort to Superior, AZ.

  1. Hey Shawn,
    Just caught up on your blog. Vicarious travel for me at the moment. Wow, what an adventure!! I look forward to more. Will be traveling in Ireland and Wales in August Sept. some will be on the bike and walking.From one gypsy to another….Travel well.

  2. Shawn you are so brave! I diid bike my 202 last Saturday and I thought of you in the heat! Exhausting. See you when you get home!

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