6/24, 25, 26 /2015 Walker to Reno to Susanville to McBurney Falls

Some well wishers say “Be Safe!” Others say “Have Fun!” While I appreciate their kind wishes, they are wussy wishes. I have come up with a more powerful wish; “Be Bold!”

I wake and cycle into the very lovely Walker Valley.

SAM 0823

I was going to cut into the Sierras on highway 89, but it is closed due to an uncontained forest fire. I also need a new charger for my MacBook Air. So I change plans and decide to dip into Nevada long enough to visit Reno and pick up a charger.

SAM 0830

I pass lovely Topaz Lake.

SAM 0838

I am done at the Mac Store around 6:00pm. I’ll need to stay in a hotel in Reno.

This should be easy, right? But traffic is heavy, I am hot and have arrythmia. I head for the strip. Twelve hot congested miles later I am there. The first hotel I see is an Indian run hotel. I am very fatigued, my heart is pounding. I ask him if he has a room on the ground floor. I need one so I can get my bicycle inside. He says yes. I ask again. Yes, yes, he insists.

I have been reading a book about Indian culture. They hate to dissapoint. I ask to see the room. He says that after I pay I can see the room. I am tired. I pay. Guess what-the room is on the 2nd floor. I tell him this. He says that he doesn’t have any ground floor rooms, and that I can take my bike up the stairs. I get my money back. That takes 25 minutes.

Leslie has called me back. The Circus Circus will store bikes in the luggage room. I go there and ask Daniel a porter to help. We put the bike in the luggage room and plug it in. Great, thanks Daniel. I get a room. Great. I take a long hot shower and go to an all you can eat buffet and have what Jim Tucker, John Pearlman and I used to call “a real bloater.” Together we cycled from Canada to Mexico just out of high school. I talk my arrythmia down and fall asleep. What a relief.

I wake early feeling great and ride to Susanville along highway 395.

But what is this?

SAM 0847

A shoe tree!

SAM 0850

Feels like 1925 here in Doyle.

SAM 0855

I camp just outside Susanville in a pine forest. When I awake I ride 65 miles to Old Station and charge at the general store. I enjoy these chargings, I hang out, eat some, talk some. There are more women riding Harleys these days. I ask one why she rides. She says “Every time a relationship with a guy would end I would lose my ride. So I bought one for myself. I like it better than riding in back anyway” she confides. And off she roars. Mike from Boston tells me of his 8 mile cycling commute back home. His dad Bill tells me of Europe. And so several hours are pleasantly whiled away.

The only problems I am still having are with the back wheel and tire. This is a spoke replacement operation. Later that day it was a flat. These are very curable problems. Use a 48 spoke rear and call Schwalbe for tire advice. Future ecyclists won’t have this be a daily issue as it is for me.

SAM 0863

Escaped wheat lines the roads.

SAM 0886

Sherpa and I have climbed many long grades now.

SAM 0874
The Lassen National Forest is a multi use forest. There’s logging and living and farming.

I am hot and see a campground- McBurney Falls. They let me in for just $5. I make camp, lose the luggage and ride to the spectacular McBurney falls to dip in the 45 degree water. So refreshing. Then I scoot a mile to the lake and swim there too. The campground is busy with families. Many come back year after year. I’m delighted I stopped here.

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  1. I have been plagued buy those little steel wires from semi tires on us 41 and 301 in Florida not fun. Also that shoe tree brings back memories of Michigan there was a shoe tree on the rural road that we live down

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