7/27 and 7/28 and 7/29 in Stillwater, MN.

I am spending two days in Stillwater MN camping at Jeff’s house while waiting for Charles to arrive. Then, Charles and I will leave and ride together for a week or so.

Jeff is an ebike builder like myself, and I notice a shelf full of ebike batteries in his shop. He says they all have problems. So I offer to fix them, and to teach him what I do. Jeff if eager to learn and so we dive in.

SAM 1628

Over the course of a day we manage to repair all except two of them, which were not repairable. Jeff is very happy, we’ve repaired about 7K worth of batteries.

SAM 1630

Jeff builds long range recumbents.

SAM 1631

Later that afternoon Charlie arrives with his bike in tow.

SAM 1615

He has everything for the bike in his car, but needs a day to pack and assemble it. So the next day Jeff takes me for a 60 mile tour of the Minneapolis St Paul area. I am very impressed. We ride about 70 miles on bike trails which connect the cities. And the atmosphere is youthful, with many people exercising and using the trails.

SAM 1644

Jeff and Minneapolis.

SAM 1655

Thanks Jeff for the wonderful tour and for offering to pay me for the battery repairs!

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